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Being a new bee, words of appreciation are precious
they are driving fuel to continue the journey of penning down thoughts...

So fluid and insightful. I liked how little objects have been portrayed with little life lessons and how the author has kept it all concised yet interesting.


A must read for all! Insightful, interesting and relatable. Author has done a wonderful job. Look forward to more such interesting reads in future... Keep it up

Amazon Customer

This book teaches you how everything around teaches you. So keenly the author has observed and penned down her imaginations. Must read book.

Seenu Jain

"It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness." - Eleanor Roosevelt. Do you ever think you can get inspiration from any object or everything around you, even from a candle or a Rubik cube? This book gives a very optimistic approach to saw natural elements or different objects, and it tells us how we can learn from them. This book changes my perspective to look at these materialistic things and gives me a fresh direction to move forward in life. Nilshree explained very beautifully what we can learn from nature and objects around us. This simple yet practical approach helps us deal with the daily problems of life. This book can be read by anyone irrespective of age and teaches us some life lessons along the way. Thank you so much Nilshree Damani Yelulkar for sharing your book with me, just love it.

Dipali Gupta

Finally, finished reading it last night and I'm Superrr Impressed!! It was exceptionally well-written & created many interesting perspectives on the subject and on things around us that we see everyday, but don't tend to give a deep thought of what it can actually portray. 50+ Thoughts for the day... I particularly liked the fact that it was an objective look that you penned across. I would like to Congratulate you and Thank you for both a well researched and well-written article across each subject. Wishing you all the very best and will for sure spread the word for reach and highly recommend for folks to grab a copy!!! Its something that one shudnt miss!!!


Nilshree Damani Yelulkar I have read your book Object+If=I It was engrossing right from the start.So beautifully you have taken nature, objects games as examples from where we can learn and develop our thinking skills. From the bottom of my heart kudos to your creativity and writing skills. A must read for everyone. Honored that you gave me your 1st hard copy. Will treasure this and use it for my workshops as examples for learners. Just loved the book and enjoyed reading. I'm going to read it again so much more to learn and understand. Keep writing. More power to you.

Meenakshi Ahuja

Nilshree Damani Yelulkar Thanks for this sending me your wonderful book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every page of this book. It was so informative imparting us some major lessons in our life. You have defined and tried to cover each and every object and the lessons that we should learn and teach our kids too.. Shweta Arora and News Shuttle-Newspaper For Kids for hosting this wonderful contest and I was extremely excited when I won this...

Jigna Malvankar

A new subject and the way to write is very simple. A lightweight book that speaks about how we are connected to this world and the world that is connected to us. A great book written by my friend Nilashree. First of all, best wishes for this success and may you be inspired to write more. This book has a total of 53 points to which we can connect ourselves to ourselves and every element around us. Nature is made up of the five Mahabhutas and we, too, have found this balance of nature well here. We all live under one roof but our behavior, thoughts, opinion, eating, drinking, struggle to live, aspirations are all different but still we are one.. No matter how many troubles come in life, a man keeps on doing his work. The one who believes in his own opinion and work always wins. Nilashree has made an effort to tell many such positive things in a different way. There are many things around us but if you read this book you will definitely get a new dimension of looking at them. Even radio,

Deepali Joshi

My review goes to Nilshree Damani Yelulkar for her book "Object+lf=1" It is such an amazing book. Small little everyday things we look at can be so inspiring. After reading this book I have gained a new perspective all together. Now whenever I look at any object near me I keep wondering what exactly is this object trying to tell me. Also the vocabulary used for writing this amazing piece is so reader friendly that even children can read it and understand it. And once I finished the book, my mom in law picked it up just to see what I was reading for so many days and now for past half an hour she is glued to the book.

Sweta Ratnapal

Loved it.. You would expect if 27 females write a book, it would be feminist. But it's not. I liked how the author has tried to bring life to the lost art of writing letters. Some letters are emotional though some are simply funny. Worth giving a read. Especially I would suggest parents to make their children read this. Good for their emotional growth and vocabulary.


This is a not just a collection of letters, but a bouquet of emotions that every reader can relate to. I enjoyed reading each one of them because all are so unique, vivid, varied, and vibrant in emotions. Highly recommended and a must-read for every one.

Debolina Coomar

Awesome collection of unsent emotions packed together as a single book.. must read in todayz scenario to bring back the life to letters and our emotions..... I was melted with every single letter and each speaks about a unsent thank you. . Unsent sorry... unsent happiness.. unsent anger... unsent frustration ! Overall it is a delight to every reader..!!!

Dr Abinaya Vijayakumar

27 women, 27 letters, 27 emotions that resonate with each of us. This book is a treasure trove of beautifully penned letters by 27 strong inspiring women from different walks of life. It’s a whirlwind of emotions. It will make you cry, it will make you laugh, it will make you ponder, it will send you to fantasy land, it will give you all the feels, it will fill you with pride! This anthology is a must have and will surely inculcate in you the desire to write a letter, an art long lost forgotten!


A formal insight into the world of women, their dreams, aspirations and the silent sufferings..very well penned by the writers.. One person found this helpful

Shoeb khan

I can't even gauge the secrets women keep with them. These letters showed the different angle of life. We must read this book to understand what our Mom , sister, wife is going through and can we help them by little change in us?

Mohit Kalani

An incredible collection of heartfelt letters, intimate and touching... surely relatable to each one of us.. Kudos Girls.... way to go!!! ❤

Pallavi Hoshing

Awesome creativity with flawless emotions and expression every letter has its own importance and have something unique to learn.....Best wishes to all the authors👍👍👍👍

Subham Sharma

It was good book.will be able relate dew incidences to our lives. true facts and humerus it and enjoy

Amazon Customer

Beautiful and mesmerizing collection of letters...enjoyed reading with my wife..Worth a read.

Amazon Customer

Authors have penned down emotions in a beautiful way that u feel that connect after reading it. Kudos to all budding authors..Women in power!!

Amazon Customer

Beautiful collection of Letter !!

Amazon Customer

Just when we thought SMS and emojis have taken over our lives, there comes a book to bring up the old world charm of writing and recieving letters to your desks. An intriguing collection of 27 letters written for the sheer purpose of entertainment, this book is for anyone who loves to deep dive into emotions, nostalgia, romance, fiction, imagination, fierce love and what not. Imagine a plethora of genres weaved into personalised letters. Doesn't it give you chills to have a peek into someone's unsent letters? Buy it for sheer pelasure.

Simran jeet singh

This book brings back the art of penning down one's emotions, takes you back in time when the postman's cycle tring was a beautiful sound just like today's message ping. Reading this makes us feel that there are some things that shouldn't be left unsaid... So go ahead, pick up your pen and write your heart out! ❤️

Keerthana Naidu

Amazing anthology created by all the 27 female authors where the emotions are weaved together in a single book. They are relatable to us; there are facts giving us insights, nostalgic moments, love etc. Awesome book & I highly recommend everyone to read it


Beautifully written ...mesmerizing collection of unsent letters ...this book will certainly take you back to the roots and make you sit down and write a letter ( just like good old days).


An Absolutely beautiful bouquet of letters! Made me nostalgic and pick up a pen to write for my loved ones!


It's an amazing journey....and so heart warming... Pages after pages you find yourself tangled in the world of these gold spun words .....These are just not letters..These are heartfelt emotions.

Mubina Hussain

This book is a magic woven into letters of all emotions! It has rekindled the lost art of writing letters ! It will touch the deepest core of your bosom with love and bliss ! Each letter is beautiful and has a message for you ! Best part it will appeal to all age groups ! Must read

Rekha chopra

Very interesting read. Different writers provide a very unique blend of fascinating concepts and stories. Definitely worth reading suitable for everyone.

Sayan Maji

A book of heartfelt letters. Must have in your library. There is something in it for everyone. Do get yourself a copy and yes, send the letter to that someone you have been wanting to 😊

Amazon Customer

Those 27 beautifully penned but unsent letters r with a lot of emotions attached!! Enjoyed reading them all. It’s a captivating debut n well-written. 👍😍👌 Worth reading them again n again! ❤️❤️❤️

Ashwini M.

Very thoughtful....... Totally relatable to everyone's life..... It's a nice collection of heartfelt emotions, feeling and experience........ Very touching stories.......


I loved this book..Awesome Content😍😘 This book will pick that emotion from every mind.. Must Read. STAMPED,SEALED BUT UNSENT😍 Kudos🤘🏼


The book has 27 beautiful letters that comprise of different colors of emotion. Must read this anthology to feel different aspects of feelings.


Wonderful rendition...nice to read...really worth to read. After a long time am reading a nice book. Expecting more books like this.

Aishwarya Mohan

This was amazing! Letters of hope and letters of love... Letters to Enid Blyton and Letters to parents children, this book is a true bouquet of emotions! Loved many, but my fav was the letter by 18year old Akshita, wise beyond her years. Loved it!

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