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This book is solely written with a purpose to change perspective towards things and lessons that they keep imparting irrespective of we humans receiving it and embibing them or not. "We all read, we absorb very little." This book is a comprehended form of life lessons rough objects and natural elements. With this book I intend throw light on the basic yet effective life lessons imparted things around us. It is more of a self-help book for all age groups with simplest possible language and explanations.

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It comprises of letters that authors have penned down straight from their hearts! These letters are coming from women who are in different walks of life and have some profound message for the readers! Nilshree is a full time mom, an engineer by qualification and an author by passion! Has recently released her own book named "Object+If=I"

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Being a HOMEMAKER is the most underrated title, and to live with it is a big challenge! "Charity begins at home" & "Be the change you wish to see" are the two driving phrases behind writing this book! Being a homemaker for 6+ years now, there are things I have learned the tough way and I wouldn't like it to be the same for others! Hence tried my best to keep it light yet self help book

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The Anime Express

Animated movies have been the ‘uncool’ activity for teens and kids. But how much ever childish it might be, at the end of the day we sneak glances at the cartoon going on the TV. These movies are not just about princesses, monsters, animals and so much more. They have different morals and values that which are sometimes gone unnoticed. Like, Cinderella and Rapunzel were not just a bunch of snobby girls, but it showed how they used to bear all the jibes. Some of us don’t like to watch non-animated, but so many of them had been turned into animated ones for people with contrary tastes and choices.

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Hear Me Out

We, as humans continuously dive & dwell in emotions, and deal with known and unknown feelings in our everyday lives. And, when it comes to handling those, sometimes we succeed and sometimes we fail.Most of us are not experts; we simply hide under the shrouds of our smiles and fancies. So many times you might have felt the urge to express, to hold a helping hand, to make yourself heard. There are moments when we are clueless about how to react to a particular situation, how to get over a trauma, how to make peace with things that bother us, and in these situations, it is totally fine to seek help.

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