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National thoughtful Day

28th August 2021

The moment the notification email popped up, there was a series of questions that kept flashing in front of my eyes.
Did you be kind / good to someone without a reason?
When you did not agree to certain decision /opinion/ choice, did you silently make a move without making fuss out of it?
Did you make sure you were there with your closed ones in their tough times?
Did you motivate someone to do more of what they love and are good at?
Did you compliment a stranger?
Were you the reason of someone's smile atleast once?
Did you appreciate someone's work/effort/time they put in for you?
Did you sense fear/insecurity/complex/hesitation and address it by making them comfortable?
None of these costs a single penny, but has a lifetime impact! World can't be changed by advises,
but by examples, so be the change you wish to see! Would appreciate if you guys add to the list in comment section!

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