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14th May 2024
To Vote Or Not To Vote!
With politics being in the air these days, TV, hoardings, newspaper advertisements, and pamphlets on the door every medium is flooding with vote appeals and promotion!
A few days back, I chose to watch the news on the TV (for a change!) and there he (my 9-year-old!) heard a new word "Democracy"!
22nd Jan 2024
How To be a Sane Homemaker!
2019: 4 years into motherhood, my life had taken a turn I had not prepared myself for! Battled Post-partum depression on my own, lived the most terrible times, unexpected career break, listening to the same, "You have changed a lot" from known and close friends, I was finding it hard to survive all of it with a smile, looking after my baby, doing all my motherly duties and digesting "Good for Nothing" in addition to all.
21st Dec 2023
2023; Year to Remember - Credits: Blogchatter!
I got to know about Blogchatter through Manali and Romila's active participation. Because of my tight schedule and commitments, my blog was about to die when after doing my bit of research I thought of reviving it considering Blogchatter to be my muse! And it served full justice to my thought!
23rd Nov 2023
Blessings of 2023!
I have given up on the ritual of making New Year's resolutions. So now I assume whatever happened was there on the list by default and secretly tick it as if it were an accomplishment! My 2023 started with a heart-warming conversation with the post-office uncle who reminded me of how writing changed my overall personality, he encouraged me to write despite a dry spell at book sales.
12th Oct 2023
Internet Does Not Discriminate
I have this habit of involving my now 8.5-year-old son in domestic chores. That helps me spend more time with him and also yields a fantastic byproduct of making him independent. So one Saturday he was helping me with the laundry, hanging the wet clothes on the balcony to dry.
11th Oct 2023
5 types of people I am scared of!
After living half of my life(considering 60 to be the average human age/life span!), I have realized, human is the most dangerous specie! I mean a lion, a tiger, a snake, their traits are already defined and they behave accordingly. But humans, no they do not!
6th Sep 2023
My journey through Post-partum!
In 2018, I reconnected with a dear school friend after a long time. She was surprised to read the motivational pieces I wrote on my Facebook page back then. We both were new mothers then, juggling to get sleep, look perfect, try to show our confident selves and much more.
5th Sep 2023
An Ode to Teachers
It's Teacher's Day today, and I could not think of any other topic but to remember my school teachers today! A remote place, a small school, second batch to be admitted there and blessed with the best of friends, that is how I would describe my school life. I can count the number of days on the tip of my finger when you would find me absent, it was so much fun and I love my school so much!
4th Sep 2023
13 Unpopular movies that I like!
There are a plethora of movies that come every year. Some make their mark on the box office, few are popular in particular regions, the rest just come and go, and no one knows! With the emergence of OTT, the scenario has changed. I may be that person who has least explored OTT, so I get FOMO many times! But, previously I used to stumble upon movies accidentally only to get FOMO, How did I miss this gem..?
2nd Sep 2023
Beyond School
I completed my schooling (10th board) in 2005. Back then, what mattered more was the medium of education and pattern adopted. I completed my 10th in the SSC (State) board, and things were easy. Scholastic subjects we formally taught,
1st Sep 2023
F for Feminism!
Feminism: This term makes many offended, a few happy and the rest of them curious to see what they get out of it and how they can use it as a tool to benefit out of the whole situation! I always had a very different take on feminism and took the opportunity to express it completely today.
31st Aug 2023
What makes OMG2 a must watch for every parent?
I come across so many parents who say, "Parenting is tough", I have never heard a child say, "Childhood is tough." But have you ever imagined landing on this planet only to hear what is being told, learn the same rituals, and follow the same customs and traditions, how typical and monotonous is that?
29th Aug 2023
Favorite Female Businesses
From the time I came across women who have their businesses, and who run their ventures, I have curiously tried to understand the reason behind their starting to do it. I used to give shoutouts to small businesses a lot,
28th Aug 2023
Fabric Cycle: Then & Now!
As a 5-5.5-year-old, I remember my grandmother wearing a particular saree, my father wearing his favorite shirt till it used to fade and look worn out, and once they looked like they were used enough, my mom used to decide how to recycle/upcycle them.
26th Aug 2023
Daily Sexism!
A post on daily sexism would appear as a rant to many. That is the reason why in 2019 I wrote on the same topic in a story cum poetry format. After being rejected in 3 instances, this one is finally getting to see the light!
25th Aug 2023
My Bookish Confessions!
Being a writer for 5 years and publishing 6 books, I think I am now eligible to throw some truth bombs and reveal my bookish confessions! So here I go!
24th Aug 2023
No Escape, Digital is Future!
Year 2019, my son turned 4. He used to listen to rhymes and poems in 3 languages on YouTube. But I could sense the curiosity shifting from audio to visual content, which I agree is tempting and appealing.
23rd June 2023
The Bitter Truth!
I usually tune in to the radio when I am alone at home doing my chores. Not that I am scared of being alone, on the contrary, I enjoy my ME time. But the radio playing in the background sprinkles an entertaining factor. I get to know about the events happening in the city.
12th May 2023
Creative Ways to Involve Kids with You!
"Mumma you are always doing some or the other chore. After the dishes are done you will play with me, right?", asked my son on the third day of his summer vacation! I felt helpless for a few moments, but then I asked, "Will you help me?"
8th May 2023
An Accidental Author
A bubbly, chirpy girl, whose life was simple and sorted; Education, job, and earn. Enjoying the little things in life and making the most of what I have got! But life does not always offer you what you dream of! And hence came my twist!
29th April 2023
Reena is having a bad day! The manager just yelled at her for missing the deadline. Attending him over the call she ended up burning Rakesh's favourite shirt while ironing it. Dhruv is already screaming, he can't find his favorite sweatshirt.
28th April 2023
Yes but...
Dhruv is having his lunch. Rumination is in progress, as the food is not of his choice. "Mumma, today that I am eating Kaddu, can I get a burger and some fries tomorrow?", he asks. "Dhruv, eating healthy food is the need of our body. You should eat it more often and without any terms and conditions" replies Reena. And the rumination continues.
27th April 2023
Reena is watching the movie Helicopter Eela on the TV when Dhruv returns home after his playtime. He freshens up and grabs a bottle of water to sip. After watching it for a few minutes he says, "Mumma, please change the channel."
26th April 2023
Will. Words. Worth
Reena plans a trek for just Dhruv and her. She is very excited about it. From explaining the route, the tough and easy parts of it, and how to go about it, Reena is thrilled to share all the details and Dhruv reacts in the end is a "Hmm!"
25th April 2023
Voice. Value.
Dhruv was visiting the Christmas Carnival with his family. He met some of his friends there. So the kids started exploring the event together while the parents caught up and chatted casually. After some time, a scream was heard from one particular stall.
24th April 2023
Unique !
"Mumma, can I change from football to swimming?" asked Dhruv after one week of selecting football. Confused Reena asks, "You are so fond of football, then why are you thinking of changing now?" "All my friends selected swimming. They have so much fun together. I feel like I am missing all of it." said Dhruv sadly.
22nd April 2023
Togetherness. Time. Tolerance.
Reena always made a point to have one meal of the day together without any gadgets being accompanied. In their busy schedules, this is their family time which they do not compromise on. Everyone takes turns to speak, there is no decided topic as such. Rakesh discusses his day at work, Reena about her current projects, and Dhruv about his school and friends.
21st April 2023
Story-telling. Self-learning. Safe-to-share feeling.
Dhruv, on his way back from the bus stop to home, comes across a tiny puppy who is injured, his wounds making mobility almost impossible. He waits and watches over it for a couple of minutes from distance. The thought of taking him home,
20th April 2023
Real. Respect. Responsibility.
Reena and Dhruv were watching "Grown Ups" - the movie. There is a scene wherein the little girl comes to know there is no tooth fairy, the broken milk teeth are hidden somewhere by her parents, and the chocolate coin wrapped in golden paper are kept under the pillow by her mother only. Dhruv is heartbroken to see this. "Mumma, there is no tooth fairy?" he asks.
19th April 2023
Questions. Quell. No Quitter.
Dhruv and Reena wait for Rakesh to finish his virtual meeting so that they could step out for their Saturday dinner. Dhruv is tired of waiting. "When will Dadda's meeting finish? I am bored of waiting...!" he says.
18th April 2023
Presents. Positive Parenting. Punctuality.
It is 4 pm and Dhruv has a birthday party to attend at 5 pm. He is busy playing video games and least bothered to dress up and think of what should be gifted. Although the party is in the same locality, so commute will not take much time. Reena reminds him about the party asking him to get ready for the same.
17th April 2023
Outdoors. Organize. Optimise.
A long weekend is about to come and Rakesh plans a getaway. He shares the date of travel with both Reena and Dhruv. Reena starts to finish her work in advance for those days. Dhruv has a project to submit which he thinks he will make a day before, he thinks he will be able to finish it before they travel, and hence keeps procrastinating.
15th April 2023
Notice. Nourish. No - mean it when you say it.
It was back-to-school time, a new bag, new books, and an advanced grade! Dhruv was very happy on his first day in the new class. He got ready and went to school. But, his enthusiasm dropped the moment he got to know the sections of his class had been shuffled. Which meant he had to make a new set of friends. Making new friends was not a problem, but the feeling of missing the old friends was.
14th April 2023
Modeling. Mindfulness. Modesty.
After the shopping incident, Dhurv has not been behaving normally with Reena. There was a difference in his behavior. It took Reena a couple of days after his birthday to realize it. She had been busy planning the party and inviting Dhruv's friends, she hardly could notice Dhurv's upset behavior in all her enthusiasm for celebrating his birthday.
13th April 2023
Love. Listen. Limit.
Dhruv's birthday was coming up. Rakesh and Reena took him out shopping. They went to the mall. After entering an outlet, Dhruv was on a spree. He already had a long list, and going to the mall only added to it. Dhruv started trying T-shirts, pants, jerseys, and everything he liked. Reena was astonished to see Dhruv, he was never like this before.
12th April 2023
Keepsake. Kindred. Know.
It was Dhruv's summer break. After their morning park stroll, Dhruv watched his regular cartoon shows when Reena did her daily chores. After that, Dhruv went to Reena and asked, "Mumma what did you do in your summer vacations?" Nostalgia shined in Reena's eyes as she rushed towards her cupboard to show Dhruv the greeting cards she used to make, the pencil shading frames she learned. Dhruv.,
11th April 2023
Joke. Journey. Justice.
Dhruv was completing his homework, and Rakesh and Reena enjoyed their evening coffee. As they were chatting casually, Dhruv came and asked, "Mumma, what does the middle finger symbolize?" Reena was furious and about to lose her cool when Rakesh touched her palm indicating her to remain calm. Rakesh smiled and calmly asked, "Why are you asking this? Did something happen?"
10th April 2023
Integrity. Independence. Involvement.
As the new academic year started, Dhruv started packing his back according to the timetable on his own. Reena is happy to see Dhruv becoming independent. However, she still cross-checks his back once he sleeps.
9th April 2023
Heartfelt. Happy. Healthy.
Dhruv's birthday is around the corner. In a month he will be 9 years old. Reena has been mindful enough to make Dhruv independent each year by making him accountable for the tasks that suit his age. This year, she is trying to break the habit of making him sleep. Every night, she reads one bedtime story to Dhruv followed by a Bollywood song of his choice, which was his sleeping schedule! Dhruv noticed a change in Reena's behavior but fails to understand the reason.
7th April 2023
Gratitude. Generosity. Gender Neutral Parenting.
Rakesh and Dhruv watch Master Chef Australia together fondly. Dhurv's aunt, who is visiting them for a few days is surprised to see Dhruv knowing all the ingredients, cooking appliances, and cooking processes finely at the age of 8. Curious, she could not resist passing her take on this, "He is a boy. Why are you allowing him to know and learn all these girly things?"
6th April 2023
Forgiveness. Family. Friends.
After the scribbling episode, Dhruv ended up developing a hatred for the whole group who did that to him. He preferred being alone over being with friends. He became quiet and very anti-social. He trusted his family more because Reena rescued him from this whole situation by talking to teachers about it. The group was counseled, realized their mistake, and tried to befriend Dhruv. But he had developed major trust issues for them. While cycling or in the park, Dhruv preferred to play alone...
5th April 2023
Encourage. Explore. Experience.
It was the last day of school, and Dhruv was waiting for Reena to pick him up from school. Reena strikes up a casual chat with a group of fellow parent mommies. She attempted to ask Reena what was Dhruv going to do during summer vacations. One said she has enrolled her son in swimming class, and another one mentioned she is sending her daughter to classical dance class.
4th April 2023
Distance. Discipline. Decision Making.
Reena switched from being a full-timer to a freelancer after embracing motherhood. And as we all are aware, freelancing is not easy; Reena was not as occupied as she would be in her full-time job. She got a few temporary projects which she would finish in very less time. Dhruv was the only full-time project she was thoroughly involved in.
3rd April 2023
Comparison. Conversation. Compassion.
Dhruv comes home with a note about the open day being handed over. The note has time slots, dates, and ONLY ONE PARENT ALLOWED strictly written on it. Dhruv tries to hide it from Reena as he wants Rakesh to be attending it.
2nd April 2023
Bullying. Body positivity. Behavior.
Dhruv returned different from school today. There was some sort of scribbling done with sketch-pen on his hands and face. He did not appear to be the usual cheerful chap; was rather lost in some deep thought, and did not respond to anything asked. Reena was worried and kept asking him in every possible way, Dhruv was all mum.
1st April 2023
Accept. Appreciate. Apologize.
Dhruv was participating in an inter-school sports event, he was going to play football. It was the quarter-final match. While Dhruv was dropped off by his father Rakesh at the venue, no one could wait with him there. His mother Reena was supposed to pick him up after the match.
2nd March 2023
Tough But Possible!
Everyone has a creative streak, mine is writing. But it is necessary to evolve, update and more importantly nurture it! Continuing without any motivation is not easy, you have to have some muse and have to have a strong purpose! I would like to share my methods to nurture my creative side!
2nd February 2023
Writing and Me, A celestial bond!
I took up writing in 2018. It was my son's third birthday and I casually wrote a poem and shared it with a beautiful collage of all his cute pictures on Facebook. The poem was very well received, and some special mentions for it too in the comments. I was surprised, for me, I was just giving words to my feelings, and a few arrangements here and there if required.
25th January 2023
A Responsible Citizen
Media, news, and all other mediums these days focus on glorifying how a particular person does so much, what they sacrificed and achieved, and why they are great. The tangent in which celebrities are followed and idolized is at another level.
17th January 2023
Your Grandmother's Recipe That You Want To Recreate
GATTE KA PULAV I have been fortunate enough to be blessed with spending the majority of my childhood around my grandparents. My grandfather passed away in 2015, and my grandmother, her blessings, and the food she cooks continue to accompany us!
19th November 2022
BTS: Behind the scenes! (2015-2022)
Recently Rishi Sunak was entitled Prime Minister of the UK, and I again remembered my favorite quote that says, "Success has many fathers, Failure is an orphan!" The moment this news broke out, India, Pakistan, and Kenya were on a quest to show how they are closely related to him. The same happened with many others, and I wonder, how do they feel and react to this whole situation!?
27th August 2022
The Balance Sheet of Relationships!
It was back in June 2019, when I visited my native place. My son had recently started singing Old-MacDonald had a farm. Within no time it became his favorite rhyme! He was very keen on visiting a farm for real. Hence my father decided to drive us to our farm which falls in the suburbs, 20-25 kilometers from the hustle and bustle of the heavily commuted village. We reached there, and it was pure nostalgia for me! Brought back so many memories!
22nd July 2022
The Troll Culture
I joined Social Media in the year 2012, had just completed my engineering, and with an intent to stay connected with friends joined Facebook first. It did fulfill my purpose as well as helped me make new friends. I was a little late to join Instagram and LinkedIn, I still find LinkedIn a little boring however I am very active on Instagram. There are so many posts and stories that I post on Instagram but purposefully avoid on Facebook, obviously my personal choice.
31st May 2022
Hear Me Out: The Authors Arena
We, as humans continuously dive & dwell in emotions, and deal with known and unknown feelings in our everyday lives. And, when it comes to handling those, sometimes we succeed and sometimes we fail.
Most of us are not experts; we simply hide under the shrouds of our smiles and fancies.
7th April 2022
World Health Day
It is surprising to see how people have started taking extra care of health post-pandemic. I remember even during the peak waves there used to be so many rumors to do or consume things, avoid particular food items. Thank God, neither I nor my family fell prey to any of it.
15th March 2022
Do you feel Insecure? Read This !
In a year, it’s not sunny always. There are rains and colds too. Similarly, in our lives, we are not 100% all the time. At a young age, peer pressure makes many insecure.
26th Feb 2022
Growth Mindset
Growth is not mandatory but is necessary to move ahead for a better personal life as well emotional development. As we age, and we look back, if there is something significant we have achieved and that is remarkable enough to be worth remembering, we feel good; it gives a sense of achievement.
17th Feb 2022
5 self-care tips for stay at home parents
Being a stay-at-home parent cultivates default guilt of not being able to contribute financially to the family; what follows is a pattern, a pattern where the stay-at-home parent always places the spouse, family, home, and its chores above their own choices & priorities.
10 Feb 2022
22 things to do in 2022
We are in the second month of 2022, the point is we still have 10 months and it’s never too late to start something good!
18 January 2022
Quotes - A Way Of Life
With social media evolving, one casual scroll exposes our eyes to so much information; some of which are jokes/memes, some really useful information, news, tips and tricks, and then come quotes that impart life lessons.
26 December 2021
Any New Year Resolutions ?
2021 is about to end! How many goals that you set for it to be reached? How many resolutions were fulfilled? Did you keep track? Or left it by January itself ?
Yes, I won't shy away from saying that I did! And shamelessly so, I did it in 2017, 18, 19 as well!
19 November 2021
Hunarr Bahuguna - The Budding Illustrator
The pandemic has changed so many things. For some, life changed, businesses collapsed, finances fumbled, for others, basic necessities were at stake. However, I have come across people who used this whole lockdown and social distancing constructively and fruitfully.
28th August 2021
National thoughtful Day
The moment the notification email popped up, there was a series of questions that kept flashing in front of my eyes. Did you be kind / good to someone without a reason?
10 September 2020
Suicide Prevention Day
Today, 10th September, happens to be WORLD SUICIDE PREVENTION DAY or ANTI SUICIDE DAY. Suicide, whether done by a young or an old, is equally shocking and disturbing. When someone with severe health conditions passes away, we have an idea about their demise, but suicide can be mental shock for family and closed one's.
26 July 2021
Relationships and Social Media
Remember the time when communication was very clear, because it used to be face to face. Then came the times when we started doing SMS, when little misunderstandings did happen but we as humans had the sensibility of picking up phone, making a call and sorting things out.
26 December 2019
Motherhood- A Rollercoaster Ride
The moment I saw this image, i could relate to it in so many ways... Almost had a flood of thoughts in my brain. After becoming a mother, there are so many tiny and large changes that happens in a woman's life.
1 Oct 2021
The Millennial Woes
We are living Millennial Generation, some of us are born in it, some of us trying to adapt to it while others are well versed with it! I personally found and find the transition a bit difficult. But gradually trying to make my own version of it, there is no escape you see!
10 Oct 2021
Navratri - The Reality Check
With the onset of Navratri, there is a thought that is lingering in my mind. We celebrate and pray 9 different avatars of Godesses, which is by ritual or by tradition. Do we celebrate the real life 9 avatars of women or are we too quick to judge them or we sheepishly join the herd to criticise them?
23 Oct 2021
Ye Diwali - Mindful Wali
The dictionary meaning of the word "Mindful" is being aware and concious of our actions and choices as well as their consequences. Being mindful is usually being correlated with thoughts, feelings and relationships in life. However, let us try and apply it to the way we celebrate festivals, let's see what change we can bring by celebrating festival mindfully!
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