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Nilshree Damani Yelulkar



Here's who I am & what I do

I am an Engineer and have worked for corporate in past. However, took a maternity break and currently enjoying the rollercoaster ride of motherhood. I had a writing instinct since school times, participated in various essay competitions, and won a few. Growing up, my writing skills somewhere got faded. I started exploring writing again in 2018 when I wrote a poem on my son's third birthday! Very instinctive and relatable content is what I mainly write, and hence my inspiration comes from the most unexpected things and incidents!
Handmade and handwritten things have a special place in my heart. To take this affection further, with my dear friend Sanjana Jain's alliance, run a Facebook Community named Blah-Blah. The community aims at making Local brands Vocal. The community also has lots of fun and interactive segments and a bunch of active and happy folks! With 6 successfully published books and more to come, initiating Authoropod (Founder) I am a Mommy and a full-time homemaker who is trying to add an EXTRA to her ORDINARY life.

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