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27th April 2023

Reena is watching the movie Helicopter Eela on the TV when Dhruv returns home after his playtime. He freshens up and grabs a bottle of water to sip. After watching it for a few minutes he says, "Mumma, please change the channel."
Reena in shock, "Why? This is a very good movie! Let me watch it. You watch after an hour, by then the movie will also finish and I will head to the kitchen to cook dinner."
Dhruv gets up and goes to his room. Reena follows him, "What happened? Sit with me and watch it na? Such a good movie showing a mother-son bond. Come, let's watch it together."
Pissed off Dhruv says, "This. This is what exactly that movie is about. And that is the reason why I don't want you to watch it. If you want to watch it, do watch it, but please do not force me."
Reena turns off the TV and sits on the sofa peeping out of the window.
Dhruv comes out after some time and apologizes to Reena. She says, "It is not about sorry Dhruv. It hurts. You could have considered the entertainment part of it, for my happiness. I now understand why my mother used to say, "You will understand when you are a mother!" Anyways, what will you have for dinner?", asked Reena.
"Maa, please don't take me wrong, but we kids do not like being under an X-ray all the time. A little freedom, a little space. We agree you give us birth and raise us, but we are separate individuals at the end of the day. We are bound to have our own choices and opinions. Let us be honest about it, please. And no emotional drama." Dhruv says very honestly.
Reena smiles and says, "What? X-ray? Okay, I promise, I will not be the X-ray of your life!"

Dhruv has come up with this funny name, but there are times when parents feel like being away from kids and vice-versa is an equally probable situation. So make sure you do not hover on their head. Live and let live!

Note: This post is a part of #Blogchattera2z 2023.

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