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26th April 2023

Reena plans a trek for just Dhruv and her. She is very excited about it. From explaining the route, the tough and easy parts of it, and how to go about it, Reena is thrilled to share all the details and Dhruv reacts in the end is a "Hmm!"
Reena is not happy with his reaction. She asks him if he really wants to accompany her for the trek. And he replies, "Yes Mumma, why are you asking that?"
Because that does not appear to be in your actions. You should be willing to come, it should not be a force. Your reactions do not state your willingness", she said.
"That's because I was playing a game on the tab, Mumma. I want to come, I am looking forward to this trek," replies Dhruv. Reena pauses for a minute and asks, "Dhruv, you are sure na?" And Dhruv replies, "Oh Mumma! Yes!"
"Okay, tell me do you have appropriate clothes or do you want to shop? I was thinking to buy one pair of pants, just in case I need an extra. It's rainy season so." Dhruv asks her. Reena is now convinced and answers him, "I don't think I need to buy anything. If you want, we can go tomorrow and get pants for you." Dhruv smiles and says, "Cool! Let us go tomorrow. I was thinking we should buy water bottles also, what do you think?"
"We have them. I washed and kept the extra bottles in the store room. Let us not buy new bottles", says Reena.
"Okay, Mumma!" replies Dhruv.

Actions speak louder than words, no new saying! And it does. Our actions and reactions exhibit our willingness and interest in a particular thing. Those who know us well will instantly understand that from our reactions. If felt forcible, we would not like it to happen that way! So listening and active listening is very important so that our exact opinions and reactions reach the other person!

If we promise something to the kids, we must fulfill it. Hence we should be very careful when we promise them as to if we fail to keep our promise, we are ultimately failing at keeping our word. If we cannot keep our word, we are setting the same example in front of them and can not expect them to keep their word either!

There comes a time when we have to introduce kids to financial literacy. And the preparation for the same starts at an early age. We may make them habitual to use natural resources mindfully. We can put them into a habit to use electricity wisely and switch off gadgets and appliances whenever not in use. Similarly, we can demonstrate how using things carefully can help us save the expense of buying them on every occasion needed. These small habits actually help raise thoughtful kids, who will think twice before they spend.
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