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What makes OMG2 a must watch for every parent?

31st Aug 2023

I come across so many parents who say, "Parenting is tough", I have never heard a child say, "Childhood is tough." But have you ever imagined landing on this planet only to hear what is being told, learn the same rituals, and follow the same customs and traditions, how typical and monotonous is that? And the one who tries to explore is warned, restricted, and asked to do and follow the same! These were the thoughts running in my mind when I was watching OMG2.
The first thing is let us agree, growing up is tough, adulting is tougher, and puberty is the toughest! That phase when everyone else around thinks you are sweet and innocent however there is a myriad of changes that are happening inside you physically and emotionally. There is a plethora of feelings that you feel but have no idea who to share with, because the constant fear of being judged keeps hovering on the head. To add to it, the current generation has ease of access to all sorts of information and the ever-evolving technology only keeps making it easier. So the other thing we as parents need to be prepared for is no matter how GOOD we think our parenting is, how plain and pure we raise our kids, they will come to know about adulting before we think it is the right time to talk to them about it.

Now coming to the film, Aarush Varma has displayed sheer courage in playing Vivek, it's not only about the stardom, but the difficulty in the execution of this particular role. Then comes THE HERO of the film, Pankaj Tripathi who softly and aptly plays a progressive father. He has owned the film by carrying it on his shoulder and so, so nicely I would say. In his simplest language, his straightforward questions make the oh-so-famous opposition lawyer and the judge himself speechless! The transformation in Govind Namdev's character that happens throughout is noteworthy. The way Vivek's young sister quickly adapts to time and situation represents how girls are raised to be flexible and here it has turned out to be a savior! Arun Govil playing the trustee is how a mean brand owner would stoop levels down to prevent the damage being caused to his brand name. Yami Gautam is that rich and arrogant lawyer who gets to taste her first-ever loss from a not-so-educated opposition. Dr. Gagan played by Brijendra Kala is the kind of character we will need more in coming times. He normalizes the situation from a young adult's point of view, and changes a middle-class father's response to the whole situation which would otherwise be very different! Even the judge played by Pavan Malhotra is seen to learn so much from this one of its kind case! Few scenes tickle the right spot, and few manage to make you laugh hard, but the rest of them definitely leave you in deep thought.

How quickly do we trust the video content? How easy is it to defame someone? Does every viral content pass on correct information? Do we do our bit of research before we share videos mindlessly? Why do we not have sex education in schools? Why are all the wrong sources of information easily available to be accessed for free? Why does peer pressure bother so much to young adults? Why does the fear of spoiled image become scarier than life itself? Why does God have to be the medium to make us aware of the lack of Sex Education? AND LAST ONE: Why do we as parents fail to back our kids in tough situations?

Indeed a thought-provoking movie, very pertinent and away from the glamour, like the way it should be! This is relatable to the middle class the most, because running away from the problem to save image may be a temporary solution, but facing it, backing our kids, and fighting with the whole world for what we feel is right is the ONLY solution.

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