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Togetherness. Time. Tolerance.

22nd April 2023

Reena always made a point to have one meal of the day together without any gadgets being accompanied. In their busy schedules, this is their family time which they do not compromise on. Everyone takes turns to speak, there is no decided topic as such. Rakesh discusses his day at work, Reena about her current projects, and Dhruv about his school and friends.
There is a friend of Dhruv, who he calls his best friend. Over the past few days, his behavior towards Dhruv has changed. Dhruv is still the same to him and is trying his best to bring his friend back to normal; Which may or may not happen. But this started hampering Dhruv's mood, he chose to be quiet during their meal times. He would not answer properly when asked something. Reena ignored it a couple of times, but she could observe it was becoming a habit for him. So after a week, she decided to strike a communication with him.
"Hey, Dhruv. It's been a long you did not talk about Lakshya. How has he been?" she asked.
"I don't know Mumma. He has got new friends. He talks less to me. His topics to talk, about and games to play have changed. I try to be a part of their group. But I do not feel comfortable." he replied in a very low tone.
"Beta, I don't know the reason behind this. But all I want you to know is friends do things selflessly in friendship. But it has to be from both sides, there should be no testing. As far as I know you, you would have tried, if you still do not feel included, you are better off alone. Try making new friends instead of tolerating them. This is my suggestion. Or else you can talk to him once in person to clear things up and give chance one last time."
Dhruv listens to her calmly and is trying to process her thoughts to come to a decision.

They say, "A family that eats together, stays together." This a very old saying, but I feel the bonds made over food are the ones that last long! I also follow this at least one meal together funda, and it has now become a habit. We conveniently wait for each other to finish our respective tasks and chores, but we make sure we have one meal together.

Of all the things you give to your kids, they will only remember the time you spent with them, the memories you all created together, and how you made them feel in those moments. The materialistic things will catch their attention for a short span but the time spent will be a forever memory for them. It is the little things, the walk to and back from their school bus drop point, the little pep-talk just before they sleep, very small things, I know, but these things make them feel better.

This is one quality that we knowingly and unknowingly instill in kids right from early childhood. Knowingly because we advise them to ignore, adjust and compromise. And unknowingly by demonstrating the same through our actions. I strongly feel it is about time we stop glorifying tolerance and instead encourage our kids to speak their minds and feelings; If not all the time, at least when it is hurting or bothering them.
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