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The Bitter Truth!

23rd June 2023

I usually tune in to the radio when I am alone at home doing my chores. Not that I am scared of being alone, on the contrary, I enjoy my ME time. But the radio playing in the background sprinkles an entertaining factor. I get to know about the events happening in the city. RJs put in efforts to keep listeners hooked by coming up with unique and innovative content. That somewhere gives me the idea to come up with new writing pieces. So in total, I try to use the time I do chores also productively.

But one day, it was not about all that is mentioned above. One particular song played and it took me to a trip down memory lane. "Kitne Ajeeb Rishte Hain Yaha Pe...." From Page 3. What a beautiful song it is! An all-time favorite of mine. I used to listen to it so frequently and as years passed by this song went out of sight and hence out of mind too. It reminded me of him, my friend from college. We were best of friends, attendance, bunking, completion, and submission, everything happened together. If not in the cultural club, we would be in the canteen, hogging Chinese food! So many skits acted together and walked on the ramp side-by-side. Our duet performance was the most awaited thing every year at the college's annual function. Suddenly, like Rancho from 3 Idiots, he disappeared from my life. Why? I still don't know. I only remember both of us arguing on a silly topic and after that things changed forever. Was that argument so important that we gave up on our precious bond? Were we too immatured to keep it aside and continue growing together?

Today, after 12 years I do not recollect what exactly happened, but I miss my friend so much! Because social media has already made me meet so many temporary friends off late. People have become so unpredictable that they ghost you the moment something hurts them. No conversation, no communication, directly GHOST! If he would be my friend right now, would he fight to keep me or leave me as everyone else does?

When I was lost deep in my thoughts, "Sabke Labo Par Apne taraane hain...." played and I realized, in recent times, it is more important to pretend to praise people, (even if you don't like them) and be a people pleaser (even if you don't like being one!) Everyone is living a fake and calculated life; It is all a number game. Fake because you will never understand what thoughts they have in mind, what are they up to. And calculated because if it does not benefit them, they no longer entertain/feed it. In fact, if someone is trying to be nice then that comes as a shocker these days; We are so well acquainted with frauds, scams, dishonesty, and fidelity.

My chain of thoughts was broken this time by the line, "Kuch Bhi Ho Jaye Yaha Bus Khush Rehna Hain..." As the song came to an end, so did my deep thoughts. In the end, everyone is living their life, anyone hardly cares about others. And with or without someone, life still goes on, right?
Those who choose to leave are never ours, those who choose us over circumstances are the real ones, keep them! Living in the moment is what matters!

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