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18th April 2023

It is 4 pm and Dhruv has a birthday party to attend at 5 pm. He is busy playing video games and least bothered to dress up and think of what should be gifted. Although the party is in the same locality, so commute will not take much time. Reena reminds him about the party asking him to get ready for the same. Dhruv is too lazy to get up from the couch and leave the remote controller of the video game. Like a lousy loath he walks towards his room to get ready. "Mumma, is this t-shirt fine?" he asks. "Yes. Looks good!" Reena replies.
Combing his hair Dhruv steps out of the room and asks, "What about the gift?" "I ordered some stuff last week, choose anything from it. An art kit, a jigsaw puzzle, and a board game. What do you think? Which one should I wrap?" Reena asks.
Dhruv ponders, "Should I buy something from the neighboring shop instead? I will gift these to someone else. He gifted me a pencil set last time. Why should I be so considerate?"
Reena holds his hand and makes him sit beside her on the sofa and says, "See Dhruv. Gifts are a personal choice. What they gift you is their choice, you can not control it. What you gift them is your choice, it reflects your feelings and emotions for that person. I would always recommend gift things which would make you happy upon receiving."
"Hmm... I got it, Mumma. I am wrong I know, but I thought it was okay to feel that way." Dhruv replied.
"Oh, that's okay. I am happy that you spoke your heart. And I hope you are convinced to do the right thing!" said Reena.
"Yeah, let us wrap the DIY art kit. He will like it!" suggested Dhruv. "Just what I felt too. Good to see you becoming a thoughtful giver Dhruv, I am proud of you!" Dhruv smiled.

Gifting and presents are a personal choice. But the tendency of deciding what to gift based on what was received is wrong, another misconception we have been raised with and continue to live with! Another aspect that I would like to highlight here is, to try not to go overboard with gifting your kids toys. Big brands and companies will keep coming in with deals, discounts, and vouchers, but excessive gifting is not what they demand or deserve. More than materialistic presents, they seek your presence. Do you remember when we were young kids, did our parents get so many toys and so frequently? We still grew up right? So the attitude of, "I will give my child everything that I could not get as a child" is not completely wrong. Try not to pass on toxicity, and try to be more open with your kids. In short, use it in the correct place.

Positive parenting.
I have read a lot about it and the very first thing I would like to notify you about it is, it requires truckloads of patience, but trust me, the outcome is worth it. Without any philosophical explanation, I will share the example from the above story. If Reen a would not know anything about Positive Parenting, she would shout or scream at Dhruv. But it seems Reema knows about it, hence she deals with it patiently and Dhruv also understands what she is trying to say!

The missing quality in the generation today, not respecting time, always being in hurry - never on time! At an early age, we have to be behind them so that they get into the habit of being on time. There may be a one-off case, like an unforeseen situation that becomes the reason for the delay. But the rest of the time, being on time should be the choice; Before habit, it has to become a choice, realizing the value of time. Only then our brain works consciously to choose it every time.
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