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Modeling. Mindfulness. Modesty.

14th April 2023

After the shopping incident, Dhurv has not been behaving normally with Reena. There was a difference in his behavior. It took Reena a couple of days after his birthday to realize it. She had been busy planning the party and inviting Dhruv's friends, she hardly could notice Dhurv's upset behavior in all her enthusiasm for celebrating his birthday. When she realized this, she tried confronting him, but it did not work as there was a lack of communication from Dhruv's end. He would only respond to what was being asked, with no extra interaction.
"Dhruv, I know you are upset from the shopping day, I know. But it wasn't right to buy so much without any need. It is not about money beta, but think in the next 6 months you will grow and the same clothes won't fit you. We did not even have enough occasions to attend and wear them, wasn't that the right thing to do?"
"I understand what you are saying, Mumma. I am only thinking does this apply only to me? You have so many clothes that you keep raiding my and Papa's wardrobe for some space. Papa has a different outfit for every occasion. Then why is it only me who should shop less?" Reena was listening and feeling guilty for not practicing what she was preaching.
Reena is quiet. She discusses the whole incident with Rakesh in the evening. Rakesh considers it an opportunity to demonstrate mindfulness by donating excess clothes to the needy. Reena does a bit of research and one weekend they visit an NGO to donate clothes.

It is imperative to practice what we preach in parenting. Kids are good observers. More than our words, kids observe our actions to refer to how to do the tiniest thing. If there is no synchronization between our actions and words, the chances of them trusting us are less. Also, the best way to teach them is to show them by doing it. We have to model and show them how to do it exactly.

Mindfulness is the act of being aware and conscious. We are gradually moving towards a time where the hunger for fashion apparel and gadgets is never-ending. Like our dreams, our desires have also become limitless. Inducing mindfulness at an early age is the need of the hour. A life mindfully lived is simple, content, and peaceful. A small list of commodities to maintain is such a relief. No need to declutter and no scope for overthinking. More benefits can be realized only after leading a mindful life.

It is easy to be modest when we have certain things in our control; The real test is when things are not under our control and we still do not let our behavior be dictated by our mood. Staying grounded is a virtue that not everyone manages to maintain.
Modesty cannot be taught in a day or a month. It needs to be reiterated again and again, from time to time.
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