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Growth Mindset

26th Feb 2022

Growth is not mandatory but is necessary to move ahead for a better personal life as well emotional development. As we age, and we look back, if there is something significant we have achieved and that is remarkable enough to be worth remembering, we feel good; it gives a sense of achievement.
Also, growth does not always mean big paychecks or huge trophies. If you have been able to manage yourself better than yesterday if you have corrected your mistakes from the past, if you have overcome your hurdles, you have grown! Everyone has their definitions and versions of growth; no one else sets it for us, but we! A mind is a powerful tool and so is the mindset.
There are no prescribed rules to develop a growth mindset; however, here are some I could figure out from my own experiences.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions:
Did you find something new, interesting that made you curious but left you hesitant to ask more about it? You need to work on it then. Always have a grounded attitude, not everyone is perfect and not everyone knows everything. Ask for help; keep asking till the time you don’t get it right. Not everyone will provide you with the right resources, but there will always be a few genuine ones who would openly share things and the ways to get them done.

Learn from failures (own as well as others) and move on:
Perfection is a myth; we commit mistakes, we learn, we evolve and that’s how we grow. Failures and mistakes are a sign of growth, it signifies that you are at least trying and taking efforts in that direction; not everybody does!
Once you learn from your mistakes, make sure you don’t repeat them and make sure you don’t dwell in them anymore. Moving on is crucial because dwelling in past only delays your growth. The quicker you move on, the faster you grow.

Turn jealousy into inspiration:
Everybody toils to pave their way to their destination; they only get what they deserve. Instead of being jealous, wonder what extra they did to reach there. Other’s achievements should only work as motivation and inspiration – nothing else!
Jealousy is like that slow poison which when once creeps into our lifestyles and mindsets, kills our time!

Have faith in yourself:
Let not external factors, others’ achievements, and lack of confidence make you feel miserable. Be aware of your skill-set and capabilities. Having faith in you cannot be taught, it’s a virtue that can be cultivated with practice only. Make a gratitude list, meditate, do whatever it takes, but make sure you don’t start to doubt yourself and your capabilities.
There will be people or circumstances around you which will make you feel like you are not sufficient, but no one is not! You are free to choose and decide how much you let other's opinions of you affect you. Living mindfully is the key!



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