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Favorite Female Businesses

29th Aug 2023

From the time I came across women who have their businesses, and who run their ventures, I have curiously tried to understand the reason behind their starting to do it. I used to give shoutouts to small businesses a lot, but of late it stopped and I realized I just got too busy with my stuff to find time to appreciate the women in business around me. Hence, this blog is exclusively for them.

Before I start listing them a little story about why I have this special fondness for small businesses. Coming from a conservative Marwadi family, despite being educated my mother was not allowed to work. And the financial situation back then was not very good. She started her hobby classes to raise me and my brother equally, to educate us, make us capable. Hand embroidery, machine embroidery, stitching, painting, mehendi, crochet, you name it and she would curate that class for you. I have seen her efforts and struggles very closely, I very well understand the value of handmade things. The businesses enlisted below, I may have not bought stuff from them, but there are glimpses of my mom's struggle which I visualize in them. I respect their intentions and the small dreams behind their ventures. Hence, request every reader here to go the extra mile and appreciate them, follow them on their social handles, and buy products from them.

Shreya's Handikraft Tales by Shreya Sharma
Shreya Abhinav Sharma - the Founder and Curator at SHT is an amazing person and a lively friend from Indore. I love her work, she specializes in silk thread jewelry and makes continual efforts to evolve and customize as per client requirements. She handles everything single-handedly, from sourcing the raw material to coming up with the design, marketing, and promotion of her venture and logistics. She comes up with a new collection during festive times and also offers good discounts. As the festive season is about to come, make sure you don't miss to check her page!

Param's Creative Nest by Paramdeep Kaur
Param is a calligraphy artist from Delhi. She teaches calligraphy (its various formats) both offline as well as online. She also takes requests for commissioned works. Trust me, she is pure magic. She is hardworking and always finds ways to collaborate for the better of both parties. Names, notes, cards, frames, whatever you want she can sprinkle her magic to beautify it on paper with ink.

Gayatri Fashions by Surbhi Yadav
She is a sweetheart when it comes to dealing with her. Always keeps bringing unique and amazing collections. She usually showcases her products Live on social media handles and her products speak for the quality. If you order something that's not in stock, she makes a point to get it and keep you notified of the availability. She also handles everything at Gayatri Fashions single-handedly.

M3 Masalas by Megha Arora
This wonder woman has a host of masalas, There is absolutely no food recipe for which she does not have a masala, and the best part is one particular masala can be used in multiple dishes, provided you use them smartly! Her masalas are not machine-pounded, so they have natural aromas and fragrances. You may be wondering how can a small venture be trusted with hygiene and other factors, so don't worry, she also has FSSAI registered with her venture. So there is no reason left not to try them!

Divyansh by Preity Roy
You cannot skip to check this one as the intent behind making this venture is one of a kind. She offers a variety of products and would help you explore the options very patiently. Everything you find here is handmade and made with extra love! The quality is top-notch, I can vouch for it!

Cupid Craft Pune This venture I came across on Facebook only to ultimately realize it's in my vicinity! I have met her in person and she is a warm person! Her art is superb in quality and amazing in finishing. I have seen her resin artwork and fabric earrings and even ordered them for friends a couple of times. She also made fridge magnets for special guests at my book launch event. She has recently started conducting workshops too! So if you are in Pune do visit her; If you are not, do follow her on social media!

Zahabi Creations by Mubina Hussain Nimakwala
Mubina is a resin, decoupage, and bead artist. With her former talent, she helps you preserve special things in an exclusive format. And her later talent is equally good. She also makes DIY kits for kids to learn these art forms safely. Her sister Fatima is her partner in this venture of hers. Mubina manages to swiftly go the extra mile to keep her clients happy.

Anokhi Crafts by Prapti
I came across this venture on Instagram, and I like the name of the venture, their products are Anokhe! No one would provide you with fridge magnets and wall hangings as quirky, colorful, and fun as them! This woman, like every businesswoman mentioned above, puts her heart and soul into her venture, tries to put stalls at every possible flea, and handles her online business as well! What would you call this super Mumma now?!

Craftrellla By Sunita Acharekar
Craftrellla is a handmade bead jewelry venture by Sunita Acharekar. She makes every piece with so much dedication and detailing. I have a pair of earrings that I ordered from her, initially, I thought they would be boho kind, but now I comfortably carry them equally well on ethnic as well as western wear.

Small businesses like those mentioned above and many more that exist, do not have a big turnover, big team, big strategies, or big investors but they have big dreams, big hearts, big passion and dedication, and big inclination towards customer/client satisfaction. The products they deal with are not for daily needs, but you can support them by following their social media handles and reaching out to them when you require something they offer. Another you can do is share their work with the ones who you know may like it and will support them. That's the least you can do, does not require any money, and trust me that will mean the world to them.

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