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F for Feminism!

1st Sep 2023

Feminism: This term makes many offended, a few happy and the rest of them curious to see what they get out of it and how they can use it as a tool to benefit out of the whole situation! I always had a very different take on feminism and took the opportunity to express it completely today.

Firstly, I would like to refer to and address those who take this term offensively. (Like NOT ALL MEN) Not every woman uses it to prove that she is right. Not every woman is the enemy of other genders. Sometimes, it becomes essential to analyze the situation and think rationally. Maybe, the woman who practices feminism to a larger extent has been through something that made her like that. The situation (through which she has been) is to be blamed, not the person.
Patriarchy impacts both genders equally, and trust me, this is not the case only in India, the whole globe has faced it in different portions and levels of intensity. Now, talking about India; Previously, women did not have the right to education. Hence, they lacked proper choice, opinion, or say about things. As we progressed, there came a revolution. Women were given the right to basic education so that they were not cheated or fooled. With further developments, women started opting for Graduation and different degrees, after which they also started to work and earn money. These were the privileges men already had over women. On one hand, women progressed, whereas, on the other hand, the men continued doing what they already did for generations. So today, when an educated girl puts forth her choices, she is considered demanding!

The section of people who are happy to hear this term are the ones who think whatever faced till now, at least there is hope for change to happen. Some women look to co-exist and find a mid-way between their desires, choices, and patriarchy. Some women are clueless about certain practices but don't find it right to raise their voices about it. Some women like to have a family and wish to work as well. Some women look to make it happen in a way that works for the better of all. Yes, it is possible to co-exist happily, only if there is enough awareness and empathy about it, rather than trying to have an upper hand always!

Now the third category tries to misuse the term feminism and take undue advantage of it. As I mentioned previously, feminism does not state that a woman is always right, she has to be given an advantage. Feminism is about making an equal opportunity and chance for women to be heard and then decide what is correct. Challenging norms does not always mean that the one who is trying to argue or prove a point thinks they are superlative; Rather there is another angle/perspective to the situation, try to look at it as well.

To sum it up:
1) Feminism means equal rights and opportunities, nothing to be insecure of. All these years men had more of it and women are now learning about it.
2) Women took generations to progress, and so can men, without fussing about it!
3) If feminism starts becoming toxic or going over the board, that's not a real deal. Everything that is being termed feminism has to be treated rationally, thought logically, and then reacted to.
4) Not every female demand, opinion or take falls under the category of feminism! I know many will not agree with what I write, but this is my opinion and you are free to pass it!

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