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Daily Sexism!

26th Aug 2023

A post on daily sexism would appear as a rant to many. That is the reason why in 2019 I wrote on the same topic in a story cum poetry format. After being rejected in 3 instances, this one is finally getting to see the light!
This poem has been written in first person format, but I request readers to perceive it as every woman who feels and faces it day in and day out!

Today Shantabai took a day off,
So I was doing all the chores.
When I bend down to pick up a bucket full of water,
I heard my husband saying you won't be able to lift it, it's too heavy and you are too weak.
Perplexed me, kept thinking,
if Shantabai can do it, so can I.
Just because you pay her does not mean
You consider me weak!

We sat for breakfast, and mil whispered in my ear,
You eat the leftover tempered rice,
Give him freshly made poha,
"But I love poha, and he is ready to have the rice!" I exclaimed.
"But it's stale na, don't give him,
If you don't want to have it, trash it!"
So only the woman is supposed to eat leftovers and stale?

Meanwhile, the doorbell rang,
It was our laundry guy, who got ironed clothes.
I collected the clothes and started calculating simultaneously,
The husband already kept money on the breakfast table,
There were a couple notes more,
So I left the redundant amount there only.
He says he is better at maths, as he is a man, never understood the logic behind that though!
Fortunately, we have Shakuntala Devi,
Who has been the fastest at calculating!
I may not be as fast as her,
But not like I am Zero either!

By the time I could walk up to the laundry guy,
He shouted, "Sahab paise!"
Yes, only men can pay!
Another sexist misunderstanding that I had to face!

I joined the breakfast table back,
And husband giggled.
I asked him, " What happened? "
"P V Sindhu lost the game!" he said.
"Women aren't as efficient at sports as men are, come on, you have to agree to it!" he added.
"Oh, really? So does the Indian cricket team, led by Virat Kohli (then!),
always win every match they play? "
because by now I had lost all my cool.

"Leave the car at home today, drive your bike to work instead!" I told my husband.
"Why? " He asked.
"I have to catch up with my friends," I replied.
"Ok. It has been really long you have driven all by yourself, you will be able to manage? Else why
don't you book the cab? "
Yes, doubting our driving skills is essential!
How can I forget that?
"I will don't worry!" I replied with a smile.

"Don't wear too short or exposing clothes!"
Came order from mil.
Because men's shorts make them dude,
And mine make me unsanskaari bahu!
"OK mummy ji, I will wear a patiayala suit
And then go to the pub if that's fine with you!"
I said!
"What? Pub? Does that mean you will drink and smoke? "Mummyji asked!
"I don't do either, but for that matter, Shekhar came home drunk last week after his corporate
meeting and you were fine with it?" I curiously asked.
"He is a man, he can drink.
You are a woman, what if something happens when you are drunk? " mummyji asked.
"In that case, what if Shekhar does something to someone in a hangover?
What if we are dragged into legal matters because of that? "
I am glad, for once mummyji was quiet!

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