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Blessings of 2023!

23rd Nov 2023

I have given up on the ritual of making New Year's resolutions. So now I assume whatever happened was there on the list by default and secretly tick it as if it were an accomplishment! My 2023 started with a heart-warming conversation with the post-office uncle who reminded me of how writing changed my overall personality, he encouraged me to write despite a dry spell at book sales. I found my answer to the question I try to ask in every podcast interview of mine when I received an appreciation for my book "Whispers of a Budgie" from a stranger ardent reader. Those who know you may appreciate you encouraging you, but a stranger making an effort to review the book and get in touch on social media is definitely an achievement! My literary work also received the "Amrita Pritam Literature Award " from Unicorn Magazine! I participated in various writing challenges to be consistent at writing and thankfully they all turned out well. In 2023, writing brought me more accolades than I expected!

Reading is something I found hard to get into, but thanks to all the motivation that came from fellow authors who are also readers and my urge to support my clan. This year I have read a few books and intend to read more in the coming month.
Health-wise this year has been better than the previous year. I have slept well, I did not stretch to a level where I could break, I missed a few opportunities and I do not regret it. I have been able to prioritize my choices and make healthy boundaries. Here, a big gratitude to the people around who adjusted to this change in behavior without much fuss.
One thing that I did not do till 2022 was watch web series; yes! But I managed to watch 4 of them this year and enjoyed this format of entertainment too. Grateful for the times and opportunities that allowed me to explore it.

I want to take a moment and appreciate the little maturity and wisdom that came to me with age and helped me deal with situations in a better way. The earlier version of me would have not done it so well, I think so. The credit for this partially also goes to the strong female friendships that happened this year. They catalyzed in making a better mindset and choosing peace of mind over anything. 2023 has been better beyond words and expectations, I am ready to dive into 2024 without much planning! Will be trying to go with the flow like the song:
Main Zindagi ka saath nibhata chala gaya....

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