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Beyond School

2nd Sep 2023

I completed my schooling (10th board) in 2005. Back then, what mattered more was the medium of education and pattern adopted. I completed my 10th in the SSC (State) board, and things were easy. Scholastic subjects we formally taught, non-scholastic ones came as a byproduct. But times have changed since then. It feels good to see schools coming up with different methods and approaches. With advancement in every field, parenting too has to level to match to current times. You may find the best school for your child but, there would still be things that you can teach them better at home, and these are a few noteworthy ones as far as recent times are concerned.

Financial Literacy:
By this, I don't mean to say make them money-minded. But once they reach 9-10 years of age, make them aware. Educate them on value and worth, the impact of spending money consciously, how to plan expenses, etc. This will not only make them mindful and thoughtful consumers but the pattern of asking for expensive stuff, branded toys, and clothes, comparing with others, and then demanding for same will also reduce; As they are aware and conscious about money and finances as a whole.

I recently got to know schools do teach flameless cooking. But if the child is enthusiastic and curious enough (like mine!) and does well under supervision a couple of times, there is no harm in teaching them basic items that can be their savior in case of emergency. They will be independent and at times can even help you if the situation demands. Do intruct them well, and after convinced trial sessions only leave them on their own.

Survival Skills:
Many housing societies do mock drills to educate kids. Mishaps happen without prior notice, the best habit you can put them to is to read and listen to instructions carefully. Safety sign boards are everywhere, please make sure you educate them and make sure that they know the meaning of all the symbols.

Social Etiquettes:
Schools do try to teach this through moral-based stories. But how and when to apply it, that they learn when they see you do it. Being humble, kind, and helpful is something they will be able to do themselves only after they see you doing the same.
Greeting the security guard, bus driver, and respecting the sweeper and garbage picker, are basics, but demonstrate, and only then do they follow.

Keeping Mental Health in Check:
Keep conversations going. Practice a few selected exercises regularly. Let them express themselves. Respect their feelings. Never keep a restriction of topics of discussion, possibly talk on all topics, keep them informed of agewise wisdom they might need. Feed their curiosity, and answer all the questions they ask. If you can't answer them, make sure you are giving a proper explanation to the same.
Do share more of these, so this Mumma gets more ideas!

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