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An Ode to Teachers

5th Sep 2023

It's Teacher's Day today, and I could not think of any other topic but to remember my school teachers today! A remote place, a small school, second batch to be admitted there and blessed with the best of friends, that is how I would describe my school life. I can count the number of days on the tip of my finger when you would find me absent, it was so much fun and I love my school so much!

Suvarna Jalgaonkar Mam has been the principal of the school for the longest time, as far as I remember! The first letter is to her!

Respected Mam,

I hope this letter finds you and my feelings (Gratitude and respect) reach you!
I consider myself lucky to be a student of yours! You are the true epitome of kindness, selfless love, and helpful nature! Words fall short right now, but I would like to confess, that I had tears in my eyes listening to your speech on the silver jubilee celebration of school! You are not only the foundation or pillar of school, but the way you continue to guide and actively participate in major discussions and decisions makes you an inseparable part of Lions Dnyanpeeth Khamgaon!
May God bless you with a long life and pink of health!

Yours sincerely,

Archana Dwivedi Mam used to teach English to standard 8th, 9th, and 10th. She is the one who always pushed me to go the extra mile, and explore new words and styles of writing!

Respected Mam,

How ironic this is, never did I ever imagine writing a letter to you, the one who taught me the art of writing letters! But fortunately, I am writing one!

You always encouraged me to write Mam. Today whatever little English I know is because of you. This is what I feel today, but during school days, it was a different feeling! I used to feel anxious and sad when you would cut 1/2 or even 1/4th mark for grammatical mistakes! And today, when I read something grammatically incorrect, I feel like, thank God you corrected me every single time during school! I am not saying that I do not make mistakes now, I do, but they are not blunders, all thanks to you!

Yours thankfully,

Sangeeta Deshmukh Mam used to teach Science to 7th, 8th, and 9th standard. She also used to take the initiative to teach hand embroidery and different craft forms like knitting, and crochet to girls.

Respected Mam,

Science would not be the same for me if you would not have taught it! You made it interesting, magical, and funny at the same time! Your attention to detail assured we drew perfect diagrams. Also, it's so good to see your updates on social media, makes me feel like I am still in touch with you!

Yours truly,

Joshi Mam used to teach Marathi to standard 8th, 9th, and 10th. The day we received the news of her demise, our school WhatsApp group was mourning her demise as if it were a personal loss!

Respected Mam,

They say every single word that is perceived, is consumed by the universe, and I still believe you exist in this universe, hence I am writing this letter.

My heart is still in disbelief, it fails to digest the news of your demise. I consider it as the most cruel time that He took you away from all of us. You used to teach Marathi, something I was bad at during my school days. Coming from a Marwadi family, I had so bad Marathi (those who are reading this and not agreeing to it, if mam would have been here she would tell you how bad I was at Marathi!) I gave up on that subject, but mam did not give up on me! And she is the reason why I scored 77 out of 100 on my 10th boards! She was surprised and at the same time more happy than me to see that score.
You continue to remain in our hearts, however for the sake of this physical world, May you continue to be the brightest star in the sky!

I may not clearly remember teachers from my diploma and graduation days, but I firmly believe in being a student for life. So here is Nilshree saying a big thank you to all those who taught me the simplest of simple things! Thank you!

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