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5 types of people I am scared of!

11th Oct 2023

After living half of my life(considering 60 to be the average human age/life span!), I have realized, human is the most dangerous specie! I mean a lion, a tiger, a snake, their traits are already defined and they behave accordingly. But humans, no they do not!
They have brains and you will never understand what is cooking inside it! All you can do is prepare yourself not to be disheartened and be emotionally strong enough to make distance once you smell something fishy. I have broadly categorized 5 traits in humans that scare me!

1) Ghosts
To those who think this stage occurs after death, no my dear reader, you are wrong. They can be alive and ghost you; They will disappear from your life, chats, conversations, and everywhere else like they did not exist at all! Hence, the name GHOST! This kind has bulged out majorly because of the virtual world and social media. It becomes easy to walk off and break all bonds and disconnect. I am fine with even cutting all the chords but with a proper closure. Someone leaving without specifying the reason gives me anxiety, I feel restless and keep thinking, did I do anything wrong?

2) Inconsistent
Yes, some people will remember you only when they need you. At that time they will be very sweet and kind to you. The rest of the time they will be strangers. They will be like part-time ghosts; Will be present only when they need you, rest of the time they either won't be there, or even if they are around their behavior will be very different compared to the times when they need you! This gap in behavior makes me think which version of them is the true one.

3) Boasters
I have very simple thoughts about success and achievement. When you have done enough, and achieved enough, others will talk about it and you do not have to! But the conversations with this category will only be about them, around them, and all about them only! That is not how it should be when you are with others, especially socializing. This also reminds me of how a little girl changes the boasting nature of Dwayne Bravo in the movie The Game Plan!

4) The Cribbers
Some people have the habit of cribbing, even if their life is fine, and things are good, they will still find a reason to crib! After all, they are masters at that! They bring a lot of toxicity and negativity with them, spoiling the vibes of the place they are in! I know you can't be bubbling and jumping in joy always, and hence, similarly, you can't be cribbing always either!

5) The Angry Birds
It takes a lot of patience to learn to be calm when you are angry, but some people cannot control anger and probably turn violent when angry. And in those moments they are not in their senses, might end up hurting themselves or ones with them right then! And that's where it becomes scary for me. For such people, anger turns into violence at any moment. I can understand anger, but cannot tolerate or justify it!

I have come across each of the above categories at different stages in life, it just took too long for me to decide how I should be dealing with them! And the simple answer is, SEE TO IT THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DEAL WITH THEM!

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