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22 things to do in 2022

10th Feb 2022

We are in the second month of 2022, the point is we still have 10 months and it’s never too late to start something good..!
I have come across so many people who are making a list of 22 things to do in 2022! I read it, looks quite interesting. Thought about it, finally made up my mind to make one for me! A little self-introspection is not harmful at all.!

1) Excercise 4 days a week: By that, I do not mean rigorous workouts or 6 pack abs. All I want is a healthy and flexible body! Be energetic and enthusiastic whenever my son asks me to play or dance with him.

2) Shop mindfully: Not a frequent shopping kinda person, not more into online shopping as well. But when I decluttered my cupboard, found out half the stuff I couldn't or wouldn't wear, some of them still had the tag on them! Also, I keep spending a lot on imitation jewelry, which again is a zero return investment! Will try to keep a check on my expenses.

3) Journal writing consistently: Writing helps me address my feelings and emotions in a better way. There are many things that I feel and learn, but if I make a note out of it, I will be able to deal with it in a better way next time. The daily errands restrict me, will make time and try doing it consciously.

4) Take up gardening seriously: I have plants on my balcony and try my best to take care of them. But do not take extra efforts to grow it well. Something I need to learn and follow!
Time management is honestly not my thing, I am all over the place every single time!

5) Try and do some charity: Had been to "Apla Ghar" in Pune, back in 2019. And learning such an important life lesson, charity does not always happen through money. Apla Ghar being a combination of orphanage and old age home, some people are looking for someone to talk to, no cribbing or gossiping, but just pure candid conversations, wishing well-being of others, and much more. They say, "We receive fix the number of donations, there is not lacking in any amenity, it would be great if we get people to talk to as well." Will try doing my bit, the way possible!

6) Like my son, fix screen time for myself, especially social media: I possibly do not initiate any conflict on social media, that ways I have mastered the art of ignoring if I do not like something. However, I have noticed, continuing scrolling without any intentions is (a) a wastage of time and (b) catalyzes a whole lot of emotional turbulence inside. Cannot deny the fact that I am more anxious, feel more irritated and frustrated the day I am excessively exposed to social media.

7) Getting better at micromanagement and detailing: It's probably with me, I have a hot of ideas but zero instinct of how to execute them. I do juggle between multiple things at a time and I quite effortlessly exhibit multitasking a cakewalk, but it's only me who knows what flaws are in it and me executing it. So yes, being better at managing time and emotions is something I need to learn.

8) Learn a foreign language: this has been on my bucket list for the longest I suppose. Know 4 languages proficiently and can understand 7! Being someone who always looks to learn something new, I wish to learn a foreign language this year.

9) Using my skills to the fullest potential: Jack of all and master of none is a perfect saying for me! Being involved in many activities at one particular time makes it difficult to focus on one. Hence will try classifying them and dedicate assigned time to the respective activity.

10) Atleast read 3 books this year: To write good content, reading good content is of utmost importance! Reading good content is like a trigger, a prompt to write good content. To stir all my writing nerves, I will take this up!

11) Start saying NO without guilt or explanation: I am someone who tries to do I to all so that I don't miss out on anything. About that, there is a lot of chaos and mess that happens. Hence setting my priorities right and then only taking up things I am convinced I will be able to manage is the goal! And hence saying NO to the ones I can't come, by default!

12) Taking a break whenever needed: Monotonous routine makes life miserable. Change is necessary and is good. For me, taking a break is putting a temporary stop to any of my daily habits; as small as waking up early!

13) Will take steps towards financial independence: Not like I am deprived of anything, but I know how it feels when your pocket has money that comes out of your hard work. It's been a while I have felt it, curious to feel it again!

14) Control my sugar cravings: Being a foodie, I have a major sweet- tooth. I have been advised multiple times by my near and dear ones, but of late I have experienced its effects. As they say, self–realization is the best thing, some life lessons are better learned on their own! For me, it's this one!

15) One Holiday: I had read somewhere, “You are a new person after every trip of yours!” in addition to change, there are so many things that happen when you travel. Thanks to the Pandemic, have been avoiding traveling. But seems like this virus has made its place on the planet just like other viruses! So I might even travel for once!

16) Challenge myself to adopt a healthy lifestyle: Despite being a homemaker, basic routines like having meals on time, assuring a proper 7-8 hours night sleep seem to be Herculean tasks to me! Very well known, a healthy mind dwells only in a healthy body, hence have made my mind consciously choose a healthy lifestyle.

17) Make more memories: We are busy living days, months, years; however as time passes, memories become a significant part of the journey! We must make them in abundance so that we have reasons to laugh in the future!

18) Manage to watch at least one Web Series: I am sure you are shocked and surprised to read this one! We are living in 2022 and I haven’t a single web series to date! Lazy? Old-school? No! just did not feel like it! Now that I do, will watch definitely!

19) Leave my mommy guilt aside: Whenever something wrong happens with my kiddo, I keep blaming myself for it! Took a while for me to understand and realize, I am only doing the best I can! Motherhood does not come with a manual! And all we do is an experiment to see what suits us best.

20) Practice more Gratitude: There are moments of self-doubt, a sense of not being good enough; and Gratitude is the only way out. Counting on blessings, being aware of what we already help us stay grounded!

21) Learn a new art form: Art is like meditation! Learnt Mandala, Doodle, Pen-sketching in 2021! Now all set to explore new art forms!

22) Add eco-friendly habits to my daily routine: From our birth, in addition to our parents, nature has a big share in shaping our growth. Unknowingly there are so many amenities we get easily and we end up taking them for granted! Similar is the case with the damages we are knowingly causing to it. Little changes done on a personal level in our daily routine can gradually lead to a better tomorrow!



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