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2023; Year to Remember - Credits: Blogchatter!

21st Dec 2023

I got to know about Blogchatter through Manali and Romila's active participation. Because of my tight schedule and commitments, my blog was about to die when after doing my bit of research I thought of reviving it considering Blogchatter to be my muse! And it served full justice to my thought!

I signed up on Blogchatter in December 2022. It took me a while to understand how it works and now, after a year, I am well versed! I started participating in the weekly blog hop in January 2023, and to my surprise, I won it! I was not aware there were wallet points credited after the weekly blog hop win too, unexpected credits give so much joy, I tell you! After that, I tried to participate in every possible weekly blog hop which helped me reinstate my blog. In February I participated in writing a page a day. I typed content sometimes and the rest of the time completed my hand-written assignments. I managed to complete that challenge too! And received a beautiful handcrafted diary for it.

I had heard about the A to Z challenge, but I wanted to know how it worked and whether I would be able to pull it off. But, I read the email, cleared my doubts with Romila, and then thought of giving it a try. This challenge acted as a catalyst for writing my long-pending parenting-themed pieces. I had almost lost the track mid-way, but when fellow authors started flaunting their half-way badges, I challenged myself to bounce back. The determination was strong and parenting being my favorite genre, it was a rare chance I would give it a miss. So, taking the cat out of the bag now, I did complete the challenge, IN TIME!
A to Z challenge was completed in April but the adrenaline rush of not writing enough was pretty much real! So I also attempted a Half-Marathon, a 15-day blogging challenge, and fed content to my creativity! Writing does provide me peace and solitude, but I never knew not writing would haunt me so badly!

I keep answering the fun Friday quiz being posted on Instagram stories and also participate in the content writing ideas quiz, feels so good when my response gets shared. There was a campaign around mental health I participated in and got featured as well! Recently the team shared another campaign I am a part of, "Class of 2023".
The highlight has been winning the BIG HAMPER in the Giveaway! My son smiled ear to ear after seeing it and why wouldn't he? So thoughtfully assembled games! I was just amazed at the amount of effort and planning that went into making it. I also managed to hit a 1k credit point jackpot twice by being featured in selected campaigns! Overall, this year remained happening and the blog was active because of Blogchatter! I want to take a moment and thank the whole team for the mammoth task that they execute with ease, I know it's not as simple as it looks to be, but you guys are doing a fantastic job and I am looking forward to churning words and garner creativity in your company in 2024 as well! Cheers!

This blog is a part of Blogchatter Weekly Blog Hop!

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