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13 Unpopular movies that I like!

4th Sep 2023

There are a plethora of movies that come every year. Some make their mark on the box office, few are popular in particular regions, the rest just come and go, and no one knows! With the emergence of OTT, the scenario has changed. I may be that person who has least explored OTT, so I get FOMO many times! But, previously I used to stumble upon movies accidentally only to get FOMO, How did I miss this gem..?

1) 16 December
As a child, 4 out of 5 of my movie requests (to watch in theatre) used to be rejected. And this was one of them! I am glad I could watch it on TV after almost a year. And I had a solid regret of not watching it in theatre. Today also, if I am scrolling TV channels and this movie is going on, anytime on any given day I will watch it!

2) Game Plan
This movie was recommended to me by one of my friends from engineering, who also shared it with me on a pen drive. No other movie can reflect the father-daughter bond in a better way. I was so obsessed with the girl child in the movie that I had chosen Peyton as my pseudo-name when I worked in BPO!

3) Happy Bhag Jayegi
This name would make many readers think Why do I like this movie? But I just like it because the feeling of love, which is complex from Abhay Deol's side but simple from Diana Penty's side is very cutely shown in this one! The music is apt, subtle, and mild, not loud and unwanted.

4) Love Breakup Zindagi
I love to plan weddings, from outfits, to food, music, venue, and everything in between. All the fun that comes with it, catching up with buddies, mimicking the nosy aunties, pranks with cousins, I can go on and on! For years, I have spent wedding seasons where I had no wedding to attend and this movie has filled those vibes for me. Watching this movie also made me realize, why Zayed Khan disappeared from the mainstream scenario.

5) London Paris New York
I watched the second half of this movie on TV and then downloaded the full movie out of curiosity to see what had happened in the first half! I was 23 when I watched this movie, and it sort of, made me re-think my idea of love.

6) The Lunchbox
Not sure if this movie was released in theatres, I watched it only on TV. I was seeing the actress for the first time and her compelling acting forced me to Google her name! Nimrat Kaur played Ila so finely. Lost charm of letters, Irfan Khan being the gem that he is, this movie simply serves as a yummy treat.

7) Khosla Ka Ghosla
I used to hum "Chak De Phatte" from the time I heard it on the Radio one day at the hostel. I did not know it was from that movie. One day, on a lazy Saturday, my husband came across this movie on TV and asked me if I had watched it. The moment I said no, he made sure I watched it. And I am not complaining, rather regretting why I watched it so late! There are so many times I could relate to coming from a typical middle-class family!

8) Main, Meri Patni aur Woh
I love this movie for the very reason it challenges a societal norm! Wife being taller than the husband, and all the insecurities and complexes that follow! Rituparna Sengupta, Rajpal Yadava, and Kay Kay Menon brew a perfect entertainer with a sprinkle of breaking the stereotype; Another movie recommended by my husband!

9) Hawa Hawaii
I accidentally bumped into this one while having lunch, as there was nothing else on other channels on TV. The only reason to continue watching it was Partho Gupte, who I had already seen in "Stanley ka Dabba" back in 2012. And I was not disappointed at all! A group of boys coming from slums, helping their friend learn skating and participate in a tournament, not every day do we get to see stories like this! The best part was making skates out of garbage they used to pick, can you think of it?

10) Stanley ka Dabba
Engineering Final year, two papers to go, and midnight my hostel friend said, "It's too stressful, let's watch a movie to lighten the mood." I agreed. After the movie was over we both had swollen eyes and a gutted throat, so much so that we could not talk to each other for half an hour after the movie. And this was that movie. The innocence and the whole plot took me straight to Lions Dnyanpeeth (my school) and I am fortunate we did not have any KHADOOS! Watch the movie to know what I mean here!

11) Qarib Qarib Singlle
I wish Irfan Khan lived more to present more films like this one to us! I will make sure my son watches this movie to understand the concept of dating, companionship, and everything else that is incorporated in this arena! I will not spill more about this movie, you HAVE to watch it!

12) Karwaan
A movie that aptly illustrates, "Hum Chalte gaye aur Karwaan ban gaya!" The journey, the emotions, the relations, and one-liners by Irfan Khan! Dulquer Salman and Mithila Palkar are seen playing the perfect co-stars. This movie also brings in fresh perspectives about love, grief, and friendships.

13) Nil Battey Sannata:
This movie is feminist to the core! A single mother raising her daughter, trying her best to assure a better future for the daughter; But, the daughter, in turn, comes out to be rebellious. This movie also highlights the importance of education, as Swara Bhaskar (the protagonist, the mother) completes it with her daughter in the same school, the same class. The myth of Math being a tough nut and women being bad at math is debunked in this movie! Ratna Pathak motivates her and backs her up financially whenever needed. Finally, the protagonist is successful in making her daughter a collector at the end of the movie.

I am sure there is more to this list, but not able to recollect now! And there would be moods when I would choose one over the other, but do not go with sequence, I love each movie equally! Why don't you share your favorite unpopular movies?

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